Things to Do in the Catskills - The Best Hiking Trails in the Catskills Region

Things to Do in the Catskills - The Best Hiking Trails in the Catskills Region

The Catskill Mountains have some of the best hiking trails in New York. Whether you’re an experienced hiker or just want to take a leisurely stroll through the mountains, there are a number of trails that you can enjoy. Before you go, make sure to check out the local conditions and weather here. Here are our favorite hiking trails in the Catskills:

Our own private hiking trails:

The Inn has a number of private hiking trails, both short and more in-depth. The riverwalk trail is ideal for families with small children - you can get a taste of nature, view the river, even spot some animal tracks and deer, but it’s short enough that youngsters won’t be overwhelmed. Our other hiking trails are great for people of all activity levels. Ask the front desk and we’ll be able to give you one of our hiking maps and send you on the best trail for whatever experience you’re seeking.

Kaaterskill Falls Hiking:

About an hour and a half’s drive from the Inn, Kaaterskill Falls is worth the trip. It’s the highest cascading waterfall in New York State - over 250 feet high! The marked trails are only 1.4 miles long, a doable hike for most. If you’re staying at the Inn, we can send you off with a delicious picnic lunch for you to enjoy during your hike - just ask the front desk.

Pratt Rock Hiking:

If you want a little bit of history with your hike, drive about an hour north of the Inn to Pratt Rock. Settler Zaddock Pratt hired artists to carve his life’s achievements into the cliff - he was quite the self-promoter! It’s listed on the Register of Historic Places and has been described as “New York’s Mount Rushmore.”

Balsam Lake Mountain Hiking:

Located just 25 minutes from the Inn, this is a great local hike to try out. If you want a challenge and the best view, climb to the fire tower.

Alder Lake Hiking:

The Alder Lake Loop Trail is located in the 13,500 acre Balsam Lake Mountain Wild Forest, which is located in the southwest corner of Catskill Park. This scenic loop trail features eight designated primitive campsites located near the lake and trail, which makes it a popular short backpacking excursion. The ruins of the Coykendall Lodge sit near the start of the trail and offer the first views of scenic Alder Lake.

Alder Lake provides opportunities for picnicking with accessible picnic tables, accessible parking, an informational kiosk and a seasonal accessible port-a-john. The panorama above features Alder Lake. The short 1.5 mile loop hike around the lake is easy enough for most members  of your family. It is a recommended hike to do if you are in the Catskills, especially in autumn when the leaves are changing color.

Little Pond to and Touch-Me-Not Mountain Loop Hiking:

This is a very quick 10-minute drive from the Inn. The loop is 3.1 miles from start to finish and you get both the view of the pond and the views from the mountain.

If you’re planning a visit to the Catskills, make sure you make some time for a hiking trip! If you’re looking for a place to stay in the Catskills with private hiking trails on-site, get in touch with the Inn to book a room.